The Tsarfaty & Co. Law firm provides tax consulting services, accompanying and representing clients at the TaxAuthorities in Israel and the Courts, in all fields of taxation, including income tax, international taxation, land taxation, value added tax, taxation of not-for-profit organizations, trusts, changes in structure and reorganizations, voluntary disclosure and more.The Firm's team has widespread expertise and a comprehensive outlook on tax laws, general law, financial reporting rules and tax accounting, which enable it to provide the client with tax consulting and planning, which extends over and above the narrow field of specific taxation problems and is adapted to all the client's tax matters, while considering also economic and financial aspects.


The Firm handles, inter alia, the following tax fields:

  Income tax – 

Taxation of individuals, partnerships and companies, employee compensation, acquisitions and structure changes – mergers and splits, capital market, risk and hedging funds, building contractors, exit transaction taxation, taxation aspects of receiverships, liquidations and bankruptcies, capital investments encouragement, trusts, pre-rulings, tax arrangements for holders of capital in Israel and abroad, including arrangements for voluntary disclosure and more.


  International taxation –

 Consulting and representation on subjects of tax treaties, tax havens, trusts - includingforeign trust, internet taxation, foreign residents, new immigrants and returning residents, international corporations and their branches (including a permanent establishment), relocations, pre-rulings for foreign residents, taxation of transfer pricing, voluntary disclosure of assets and income abroad including representation and connection with the various banks abroad.


  Land taxation –

 Including taxation of acquisition groups, residential apartments, vacating and constructing, Tama 38, protected housing, various land corporations, and all including the points when launching from the income tax and added value tax aspects.


  Value added tax -

 All the aspects in the field including matters of internet taxation and services to foreign residents, including the launching point for income tax, international taxation and land taxation aspects.

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